May 01, 2010

It's May Day I can cry if I want to.

I think I've left at least three cups in every room in the house. Wee man still in his jammies but his buts dry and his tummie is full and only likely to get fuller what with grandad being down their putting away the weakly shop. I asked him about seeing the my sisters dog whiles sees away his response was 'tuff', bless his heart he is such a family orientated man.

Its impossible to not feel guilty about leaving mini me to his own devises. I worry that he is learning that a good boy is quiet and doesn't bother his mum but parenting is not about perfection its about knowing where you could do better and working towards it. You have to enjoy it or it just wont work.

May Day though..

May day is for ripping little square of cardboard of next weeks doctor appointment card, for pain killers, tears and sweet tea
or beer if its an option for breakfast.
For letting the babies be, chocolate covered and disneyfied
in front of the tv or building forts in rooms they are not allowed.
For showing the dirt and our unsubtle insides
like my daffodil.

Just keep writing, writing.
To right the wrongs, for final rites and human rights.
Happy Anniversary darling