January 26, 2012

Dream Dance Therapy

Had a fantastic laugh out loud dream last night. I was reading Triumph over Darkness by Wendy Ann Wood in bed, its very simply written and maybe that helps the messages of hope and healing get through. Anyway in the dream I was very drunk and very happy, falling over, getting lost, dancing with other weirdos in weird jerky styles. I didn't feel like a weirdo though and they didn't look like weirdos either just people, experienced people dancing and letting off steam. I ended up in Cardiff, where I snogged a the member of a boy band and got a lift home in a a big black flash truck-car. On the way to the car I passed a stretch limo it had something on the roof, I'm not sure what if was - a piano or something and I remember looking at it and saying 'tasteful' and who ever I was with laughing with me. At one point in Cardiff I wondered off down this narrow street of white houses and realised I was alone, but all I had to do was say 'stereophonics' in a Welsh accent, when I turned round all my funky jerky friends were dancing down the street towards me.

Quite often when I dream about physical/sexual contact in dreams its alienating and/or I spend the rest of the dream trying to find whoever it was thinking I wont be alone anymore and often being shunned. It was different this time, we saw each other twice in the dream and there was no pressure no assumptions just comfort and pleasure. Although of course we were both very drunk. Likewise if I dream about seeing other peoples' wealth I usually feel robbed, inferior but not this time, it didn't matter to me. I love being drunk in dreams I get to see what I'm like in states I would never remember if I was in that state in real life. I was funny, happy.

And thankfully it wasn't a real boy band but rather the boy band of my dreams because I have never snogged or had any kind of sexual contact with any member of any boy band ever, and never would of course, never ever..

Dramatherapy today, were reviewing our progress because the current teacher/administrator/leader whatever is leaving. I wouldn't say I have come on leaps and bounds but I do feel subtle differences. A little more comfortable in my skin, a bit more accepting of who I am. We started the session with music and copying each others movements to music, it felt horribly awkward to begin with but became great fun. I tried not to stare a Kay too much, she works at the theater and has a supporting role in group. Felt funny around her to begin with because shes young, attractive and works in a theater but feel a lot more comfortable with her now. By god the girl can move, I wanted to sweep her up..