January 02, 2015

2015. First Post.

Cleaned a good bit yesterday, bits that have been put off for ages and hoovered. Metal dish scrubber and sponge to vinyl, got off most the paint splashes off floor neat the doors, the mankiest of skirting washed. Splatter on kitchen radiator gone. Big. Steps.

Back to looking forward to sorting and usifying house again. Moving little bits of furniture around to see how it will work best. Staring at walls and thinking about colours and light.

Been great with kids here.  They are at ages that with enough good new distractions they can be left to it. Let them turn their room into utter carnage. Of course their Gran stressed about them making mess. Particularly when they got into a bag of wool. They are are healthy able bodied primary school aged kids, there are three of them and its wool.. besides they are co-operating really well and its merry merry, let them be. Couldnt of felt happier seeing monkey clarted in dust from pastels, might frame some of what she has done, really smart. The small cat on the other hand has much higher chances of hurting its self in there with all that wool and think even he isnt in any real danger what with the Spider Monkey usually attached or trying to be attached to her already.  He is a non binary cat, who gets called both 'he' and 'she'. Poor thing scarperd under my bed today, his mum was not up for sharing her refuge. He didnt go there to bother her by trying to play he just wanted to get away from the monkey.

Couldnt of made a fabulous start to sorting out the spare room without them. We told them to go sort it out so gran had somewhere to sleep just to see what would happen and the did excellent job in clearing it. Dead chuffed with them.

.. Sweeping our kitchen floor and scrubbing dead sister related grubbiness away is way more fun with a new young cat around than without one.. :-)

And all the good drink, food, smokes helps of course.

The Other Puss is much more confident around the house to but still extremely grumpy with her son. She has started settling on top of my bed today instead of under it, happy enough to purr away, sleep, etc. Dont think she is pregnant any more. She just has a really small head.. and we have been over feeding her of course..