January 30, 2015

Say it. Then say it again.

Not quite so flattened today, did the afternoon school run, bought Chinese food and wine to eat up at mums. Noticed how unselfconscious we felt out, espicially near the school which is usually guaranteed to make us a couple of inches high and in shit covered rags but felt fine. Pain is around espicially this evening but not to the point where we start switching and crying. 

Writing what we did and doing the work we are doing over the amount of times objects where forced (or tried to be forced) past our cervix and left there and recognising the people who did it is a possible cause in feeling that much lighter today and last night.  Our legs have pretty much stopped hurting and we reckon that's a good sign of how mental other muscles have been. 

It's a very temporary break we know but it's really important we take time to notice how parts that once were mute in various degrees, trapped in traumas they could not let themselves see nevermind name or describ are now engaging with each other and themselves and it's not because of crisis or immediate survival. We are making brain changes people!! Reward yourselves.