September 10, 2016

Doing nothing is progress

No it isn't. How could it be? It's doing nothing while things remain undone.

Thinking about how when have had the chance to feel ok its because the amnesiac phobic day to day parts have been able to become mindfull in the present parts who accept all the parts that are around and their pasts.

The phobias can be so tricky. We must of been very badly hurt when they got a hold of one us and told us our life depended on us always being amnesiac and phobic of the extremes ourself and people around us were capable of. We think the phrase "central anxiety" may even of been used. It felt like an infection. It began before they began keeping us based here but the strong sense that we must forget or look away from anything extreme followed us back to the other places we were being kept. We were terrifyied of it and what could happen because we were looking away or forgeting things we did need to know, fiction is much easier to believe if you have no facts. We were worried it might be in us so much that we all had it until one time with the boys. Someone got really freaked out because someone on our side was lost and we were jubilant. We didn't look away. They guy was in pieces and we had looked away and werent forgetting. We kind of wished we had but thats ok its in the immediate seconds after that matter. We were both pretty distracted for quite a bit and thats wasn't a good idea but we got it together like never before and I wasn't worried. Not one little bit.

Massive amounts of phobias doesn't have to be pernament but of course the parts that have them are so dislocated that the also believed it when they were told that they were. We pretty much all have something we wont look on, all us human parts anyway and who wants to be an emotionalness recorder of events anyway?