March 14, 2011

Lazy Day

not riskin those fivers again, cheap change for bus into town tomorrow without wee dude. Tenner left on my markies card, stuff for the cupboard, wine, crisps and chocolate... hmm tricky decision. Well have to make more effort with budgeting.. next month.

Tomorrow I am mostly letting the impact of Japan start to break and mouring another Neo. It wasn't thr best of New Years, I was knackered from flitting and breast feeding, overweight and was bullyied by my nephew and his friend, then I bumped into Neo and his fiance. One last kiss to make sure I was going nowhere. awful.

when wee dude heard the 'allyally o' song at the end of Kate Nasby I was lurky about in the refuge kitchen. He came through and sang it to me.

Keep thinking pink, rose quartz, pink candles, pink light. Rosa.