March 28, 2011

Still Hear

take is easy
It's not like I have a choice in the matter and
don't call me 'easy'.
Why did you look so scared when we
hugged goodbye? Did you think
I was asking you to stay. Or
did you think I would
kill when I looked
up into those stormy eyes
with my head on your chest.
Did I remind you how vunrable
I was when they turned you into a tool.

For all that
its the Arab Spring like we talked
about its time to come home.
I can say 'MK Ultra' without getting woozey
and Alice in Wonderland is entertaining and enjoyable.
the kids if you like I'd like another new one to.
the meds and the nervous
system that brought us back to me
still breathing depression soup
with the ghost knives twisting in my uterus that give the old withdrawl pain when I recognise
my needs and wants.
I saw Andrew and he sends his love eyes
still down but not like before his furrows
soften in pixelation instead
of sharpened.