March 08, 2011


It's a relief to start forgetting to watch the news all the time, to get away from that tension. Depressing to though when it shouldn't be, momentum waxes and wains but the movement is still forward even women are still being shouted down.

No fly zone? Murky shit empiricism, conveniently so sometimes. As soon as somewhere is stripped or in carnage they're granted autonomy. America's position looks a bit interesting. It's America, the place you run away to, the place you dream about, the people you emulate when you think your not good enough. If things at home are changing though there is more reasons to stay home and fight, struggle for something that isnt owned by disney and made by starving kids.

It's a matter of time, not something people generally said a month or so ago. I get paranoid that if I don't think positivly all the time it will effect people over there..