March 10, 2011

2 windy to play

If the tribunal doesn't work out to good its going to be a nightmare getting out of these bad habits.. I want to be alone so much, he's taking it well though, only pulled the lace out one of my boots and poured apple juice in his rice, could be a lot worse. Still pushing the literature essay, short blasts got clean desk before I can really get any further so I'm here instead.

Good to hear France is no longer recognising Gaddaffi. Looks like he's trying to fuck things up as much as he can before he leaves. 'Satanic' abuse on the news, and in the courts again, isolated of course... still though. Even if it is ridiculous to connect such practices with a few charges, representing years thats not how it generally works.

Can't stop eating, better change pills. Used my Chambers dictionry as a step last night, if I going to eat my own weight then I should make some attempt at moving around..