May 27, 2011


I hate it.

I hate running out of toilet roll, I hate the roasting hot pee, I hate having to change my pants more times than the wee man. I hate the fact that I let the place get dirty, cleaning on the area around me, only the essential dishes. Actualy did a few more today. It's been so nice living without colds, I hope this isn't basicaly it for every school term forever. I hate having a hot face and a freezing everything else, I really, really detest sore throats. Those anti bacterial lozenges have made a huge differnece to my life I suspect. Simple things.

So a theoretical date, he asked if he would be staying over. I appreciated that and said no but probably next time. Oh my.

If it doesn't work, I'm going to look for a woman. If that doesn't work I'll will go back to looking for a man, romance I can handle.. I would certaintly love to take him back to the family, should cut out the racist banter, except from middle sis but she's a psycho anyway. I can admit, here any way, that I would prefer to end up with a bloke because they would get a lot less crap from the family. It's not that there arn't women that could shake the bull off just that I imagine there would be a limited choice. I can't see how they wouldn't end up battering her, and I'm not into that shite with kids about.

I could go to see him, back to wegieland, would be cool. One step at a time, how can he not have heaps of student women about him? Maybe he does.. Sex though, wow. Is that a good idea? I'm already picking girls names, bloody hormones. Its just the fever thinking....