May 31, 2011

not quite tumbleweed...

But I think I've already smiled at, messaged all the women near here. I wonder if its cause I don't have a job, I'm sure someone will come along, then someone else and the whole experience will make me choose to be alone. At least that way no one else gets hurt, just me. Friggin social worker is infringing on my existance again. Being cornered into meeting her at the nursery, on a more postitive note the Chinese food delivery people messed up our order and I have everything originaly ordered to snack on over the next few days. Prawn crackers, noodles, beef in black bean and most important, satay sauce. Gotta take the smooth with the rough. At least not hitting it of too well with bloke from the internet #1 means I dont have to face that fucking wall of still being in love with someone I haven't seen or spoken to in years. Am hoping for a bit of help with that one, nothing thats to hard work of course. Might be in a place where easy comfort is long of the cards.

Got mums speakers rockin Beastie boyzzz. What sort of a politicaly conscious man says he likes Julia Roberts any way. don't you tell me to smile, stick around I'll make it worth your while.. or something of that ilk.. bless em' nothing to be achieved my taking yourself too seriously. Don't think I will losing any weight this week. My god I'm turning into my sister, soon I'll buying lambrini and pre rolled fags and slapping my kid if I'm drunk or pissed off. An exaggeration surely, its just the bedtime routine thats slipped a bit. Might come back now I have my room again because grans puter is now his. Its great, just needs a new processor. Cold chips get a bad rap. Oh and howdy, gutentag,zdravstvuj. I will do some research to say more. Gracia.

I couldn't eat Chinese food for years. Even the smell of it and my eyes would start filling up and my stomach knotting. It's always going to have some horrid associations, delivery food, 'eat bitch'. Satay though, every one is new and appreciated from its own merit, know through refrence to others, on a tongue less quick.