May 29, 2011

sent him a rape poem

I'm sure there are better ways to seduce someone..
It wasn't just about rape of course, it's called 'Transcending' after all. I'm not some shallow muppet that knows fuck all about the world, I want him to know that. I may not be what he's looking for but today I'm up for finding that out as soon as possible. Again the wiser thing would probably be to go with the flow, enjoy the attention, flirt some. I put my heart on my sleeve to much for that, besides interacting with people takes a lot of energy. Energy that can feel wasted if it turns out he's a wanker.

Darwin amd conditionals for next essay. Really starting to feel like its time to start making the most of this course now that literature is over. I can do this, arguing used to be the whole point of my existance. It was why I got up in the morning, thats why it go so difficult there was no one to argue with. Not about anything meaningful to me anyway.

I wonder what he'll think of it. It is technically a pretty decent poem, but thats not the point its the message thats most important. Hopefully the dark past will just make me more interesting. His so far sounds pretty idilic, which is attractive to me so why not?

Tomorrow, those shelves are going up. Maybe.. depending on health, of course.