May 27, 2011

20th Century Literature Texts and Debates


Lets just hope it makes it to Walton House on time.. Not a bad effort, not much in the way of shinning but its a hard course and I started it in a refuge, then moved, decorated during the course. The printer traumas and nasty cold over the past few days is pretty much as you would expect. He fell asleep on me a not long after we got home from posting it, a second babbling and wriggling the next snoring. Some amount of doobage. If it was a normal assessment it would be a low 2nd surely, its much better the rest. Not that I care to much about that now, I wanted to do the course even though I knew it would be a struggle and I have. I'm in the mood to start reading for pleasure again, literature course tend to stop me doing that.

Now I can focus on philosophy, of the 2nd year kind, yeah.. I can completly forgive myself from depriving wee man of socialising because it stopped us feeling like this once a flipping fortnight. I don't like being fevered, I don't like my 3 year old coughing, I hate sare joints..