May 05, 2011

Mild sunburn.

Ditched the new antipsychotic, the energy to play with children on beach was much more needed for mental health. I think there might be more images of things that I've seen happening to wee man. Its hard to know if there has been any impact on th effect of other events. It was very good to get away last weekend and the fact the sun shone the whole time sometimes enough the cancel the east wind. Waves up beyond his waist the wet sand was to cold for me. The news about Bin Laden on the journey home. It's the other shoe dropping in a way. Through my cynical eyes though I see an empire that has an ideology built on superiority going into non-Western state and gunning down someone that lots of people would like to talk to. But seeing the best in the worst is a bit of a truma related sickness to me. The way he was demonised by the American authorities and press didn't help. I wondered if he was exploited by American intelligence and security services like I've been exploited. We are all just pawns at the end of the day, in systems to big for us to see. Everyone. Christ all that dusk was awful though.

Remembering some of the complications around my first time in refuge. times in the past, he got me conscious in ways that didn't happen often. I was really there, it was really happening, and I really knew it afterwards.