May 30, 2011


Well he's not getting in here anyway, not until the shelves are up...

So the plan is to meet tomorrow. I will have wee man, still haven't sorted out a mobile and there is a bit of an accent barrier. Hmm complicated. More nervous about having to get up early, iron and tidy at the moment. Although it looks like I will have to take him back here. Is this wise, introducing a man to your child and taking him back to your home when you haven't met him before. Can't be any more dangerous than letting people I know see mini me. Thats maybe not a good attitude. Just cause he spun me a few lines of poetry. I really want to meet him and see how we feel, the only thing is he's come a fair way on the bus and I'm too polite to tell him to bugger off if its not working for me. And if it does work for me?! I dunno. Time to go back to Dawkins, Darwinism and dodgy conditionals.