February 12, 2012


'You mentioned something about birthdays being difficult for you, and it brought to mind what I've heard about Satanism.'

My body sagged as every muscle in my body relaxed. The massive anxious crippiling weight on my brain lifted. It was like the sun coming out. I stared at her, my eyes all big and non-scary, the breath all gently left my lungs. Then I looked down at my fingers as I fidgeted with them.

'Well, I think so. Judying by all the big wooden crosses, backwards talking and stuff. Theres lots of talking. I don't know what its all about but its like a huge dark patch in my head. When I think about it, it isn't just orders, do this, do that. There's loads of it'. She was quiet and covered her hand with her mouth, leaning her head to the side, blinking. 'It's why I come here'.

'I'm not going to remember this.' It hit me hard and I recoiled into weeping.

Grammer, spelling, punctuation, tone and style changes sometimes mid sentence/mid word

They were right about one thing (and one thing alone) Dissasocition and all that alters stuff is quite interesting.