February 18, 2012

My peoples.

Oh good its snowing dont have to feel guilty about not leaving the house.

So of the top of my head and without trying to much:
David: boy me 'whatever'
James my twin: 'help me', never grew up
Suzi: formaly known as whore me but now accepted and loved 'Fuck them all'
Mum me: 'It's okay, your have everything you need inside you.'
Jade: serious hard ass 'go on fuck with me' *evil grin*
little lou: head down, lips pursed, crys if anyone tries to talk to her.
lawyer me, humanrights me, police me, researcher me, money me and many, many other professionals. Gagged, bound, crippled.
murderer me: 'yep, thats me, the only one that brought about any real therapy or change. Its a vocation.' *wink*
Mia: grew up and protected by organised crime wanted to take over, pretty quite at the moment 'bastard dumbfuck thugs dont know what theyve lost'
Gia: spiritual me 'the life in all things will show you the way, pray, dream, see.'
illuminati me 'shhhh, all things to all men'
Louise: main victim of satanism, musician me, dead
Diana: American me, ex bandmember, cheer leader, well grounded, happy and popular at school. 'LET ME OUT'
arab and middle eastern mes: lots of finger pointing and eyes rolling above veils, one of them 'we will get there' Palastein.
various me that are versions of people I know, 'What would so and so do?'
Scientist me: 'I know'
occult me: 'Don't look at me'
war me: 'Bring it on'
Sally: 'I just want to be left alone.'
Earth mother me: 'Protect the children first' gets sore boobs around small babies.
international mes, 'however bad things are out there, they would me much much worse if it wasn't for us' Still long to be involved.
Rebeca: child, posh clothes, educated, kept entertianed and healthy cherished, hidden, protected at all costs 'I want to go home'

That will do for know.