January 17, 2013


I have opened a new emailed and called it B.B.C.  I've stopped now, I'm here instead, not knowing where to start.  But the radio is on (6Music - BBC), wee man entrenched in Epic Mickey 2, I have tea, I have heat, I have weed, there is plenty of bread and peanut butter.  When I spoke to my therapist about speaking out she didn't like the idea that I hold things back from formal investigations because they were unbelievable.  All of its unbelievable its starts in unlikely and ends somewhere far beyond current scientific understandings.  I could never come up with the right alternative and I wrestled with it a lot, thinking and rapping with it over years.  Everything always comes out like the stutterings of someone with significant brain abdornmalities, sometimes it seemed very apporiate and I went with it and creeped people out.

A restart and giving up on Chrome and a premature search for Pulps new single that was playing when things started freezing and I am back.  I really scared.  Something about everything involving me and the BBC, or me and people who worked at the BBC, or what other very powerful people wanting me to think about the BBC has always scared the living shit out of me.  I knew that whenever the BBC was on, being talked about, or I was in the presence of people who were associated with the BBC that 'I' wasn't me.  It wasn't just the BBC lots of music did it as well and big stories in the news.  I knew some of the girls on the Tennent's cans that were in people's houses and in the bushes and adamantly told someone once that they were my friends.

Some cleansing Wii remote detangling and two player back up, unexpected diarrhoea and another cup of tea.  How can detangle what I need to say in general and to anyone who will listen to what I want to say in this mail to an investigation about Jimmy Savile and the BBC. Well, already mailed this address, so that is where I start.

That'll do..  Short, to the point.

Dear Sir/Madame,

I recently emailled this address stating I am in contact with Police in regards to information I have concerning Jimmy Savile. I have not received a reply or confirmation from the Review regarding the email sent on Sunday the 13th and request that if possible you do so as soon as possible. I will also be forwarding this email to others who provide me with support and who wish to help me encourage other survivors to come forward and reassure other victims they are not alone and not mad. Due to the extreme and long term nature of the abuse I experienced on BBC premises involving Savile, BBC employees and others it is important that all effort is made to try and find others who are prepared to openly discuss what went on and what efforts were and are possibly still being made to cover it up.

What I am hoping to achieve at this moment however is to begin the process of finding someone from the Janet Smith Review who I can discuss matters with directly.

I will also be placing the main body of this email on the blog under the name of 'Daffodil Rites' please feel free to use this instead of my name when discussing me with others.

Kind Regards,