January 30, 2013

No hashtag

So then. Assange.  I feel its time to start articulating some sort of disclaimer.  Just because I say something on here doesn't mean I am prepared to say it in court or make formal complaints, doesn't mean I wouldn't either, with the right representation and support of course but this first and fore mostly, self expression.  I don't have any pals to chat about any of this shit and listening to all of it is maybe more than than anyone friend can do for anyone anyway.  I feel scared if I think I'm protecting someone and don't know why.  Maybe I will wake up day and will release that I people I thought were rapists were actually trying to help and the people I thought were resisting were in fact the sickest of the Satanists who personally over saw the production and killing of the wee ones.  But usually what happens if that I access more about the context of a memory fragment over time than realise I was totally wrong about something.  Although sometimes I remember how convincingly we (me, mes and other people) could fake things to protect ourselves from something worse.

Anyway, back to Assange.  I don't remember much about him growing up but I've seen him as a child.  He was growing up in abusive, ritualistic networks as well but the gatherings we were both at were occasional rather than regular.  There was non ritualistic rape in my room around the 90's.  He talked about how proud he was about being involved in publicly exposing high level corruption   I asked if saw any corruption in what he had just done to me and not going public on all the stuff our families were involved in.  I can't remember what he said.  I didn't like it.