Corrie Cunts

Ok, lets try and get as much of this down as possible to see if it challanges the sense that we don't matter and that we are letting other victims down.  I don't think many of the names apart from Tong and Savile was included on the written statement back in March.  I really wanted as many as possible to be on it but was exhausted and didn't want to listen to the explanation as to why she hadn't included them.  I was kidding myself that they would be back for further statements, where we could focus on elements, individuals, specific networks instead trying to give a brief overview of 27 years of abuse.

In terms of the 80's the memory of sitting somewhere and saying to the bloke who plays Kev in Coronation Street 'your not a paedofile are you?' was there from sometime around 86', it must of been held by some core personality or something because it's been there ever since.  Not certain and not all that interested in his answer, he may of nodded his head and I would said he wasn't, not really, that they were forcing him to do it, like many others.  But I didn't just mention that early this year I talked about him turning up in Glasgow threatening me about talking and that he raped me then to.  I remember telling the policewoman that I was a bit suprised at this because I didn't think I'd talked much, or at all about La Vell in the statements or disclousers back in St Andrews.  Got the impression that when I said he only stopped coming back up after I got help from locals and a violent part got out that she believed me.

This was written a while back, before the trial, never finished and never published. Much more was triggered during the trials of him (into strangling me during coitus, did fair bit if actual tracking, took me to Jersey, e,g) and Roach (during 90s I was present at this some of his little lets talk about love groups then take me up stairs for physical abuse, used to get us to use progressive muscle relaxation before and after rape. ..possibly took us to Taum.. But maybe that was Rolf Harris.. Maybe both)

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