July 15, 2014


Clean jammies bottems, giant Ts, pants, cardy for us & boy trackies, Ts .. and pants that he will never wear.. We have coped worse.  It's all bit conscious though.. The parts, us, that have battled behind the scenes, hiding anyone that was awake from their own and everyone else's actual real physical origins are turning up at reception, with their neglected festering wounds. We were expecting them thought so it's all good as could be so far. More diazepam and cannabis and Guinness is going to be needed longterm and tasty food. FFS. As usual the being outside and experiencing a pleasant level of warmth and light. If I am going to be able to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth..
Let's gets specific here. Exactly how many peoples' interests is it in for us to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

..      ....

How much exactly do we need to remember of get to place where we know ourselves enough to trust ourselves.  They can not kill a part. The commercial demands, the favour systems, the real and fiction bloodlines. The truth has always been irrelevant. The was never enough meant across party support to completely get rid of us.  Too many years shoulder to shoulder with their bravest and best.  They could experiment all they liked but we were all rooted in each other internally. ' forget nothing that might be useful.

 Our flesh. Our system. Lost so much though. Sometimes often.