July 07, 2014

CSA inquiry

We are not going to cut we are beyond that. The debate is ongoing that's a good thing and of course MPs are going to hand it to already abuser compromised institutions like the police and the NSPCC and of course it's upsetting when your political representation ignores you.

Picked up wee man today it would be good if he didn't hear us weeping within minutes of getting in the door. this blog passed the 50000 views (in 4 yrs! Viral!) would of made cheered us up if it happened yesterday. Would be good if we weren't withdrawing from antidepressants or had this stinking cold and pmt probably to. Would be good if we didn't have to live off £80 for next week when the Virgin bill is unpaid the schools are off and we are probably going to have buy weed if we want to stop crying. Would be good if journalists and others were more sensitive to the pain victims and survivors are going through and how offensive it is to see them congratulating each other when nothing real has been achieved and no one has the support we need and deserve.

Existing structures are not fit for purpose British culture is built on rape in all it's literal and symbolic meanings. But it's ok coz some hacks that don't care about the effects their words and actions (or lack of them) have on PTSD sufferers, Theresa May and the bastards in the NSPCC are going to sort it out..