May 30, 2017

Pre Summer Wars

Level of chuffedness with garden = off the charts and its not even June! We got tonnes of plans for screening and painting and the mesmawotsits will arrive today or tomorrow. More of the violas are starting to bloom and their colours are amazing can't imagine how amazing how it is going to look when they are bigger and more stuff is flowering. Not that we would choose to not start again if that was a possibility. It's better than when we arrived and we are happy with that.

We missed a couple of pill days and were taking half the antidepressant because of what can do to our stomach and forget it a few days to, probs also a factor all long with everything else we mentioned about how tough yesterday was. For all our garden gushing we could not overstate our June related terrors but we knew we had to make a place where we are comfortable enough to last the month and those that follow and we have done that.

It got a bit brighter so we couldn't not nail up the cheapo screening its much brighter than the stained fence and hides more of next door.. Bit of rearranging pots after that. Order more various stuff. Some thats a commitment to physical work and we are glad of that. Unless it rains all the fucking time of course then we really are going to have nothing to do but cry and be scared.

It's not our sisters and our husband don't know about each other or are being manipulated into working against each other that is solid reasons for hope. Very solid.