Yo Kim

It's not like we didn't know that this was how it's going to be but still watching the Americans destroy themselves when it all could of been avoided if they had respected their own laws. Seeing them protect and pay so many rapists and child abusers and agents with anti American agendas knowing we shared so much with them, gave them so much proof while working so hard against all this is horrible. There is no and mostly never was a Mummy/CIA and Daddy/FBI there is the Cynical Ignorant Assholes and Fascist Bastards Inc. The last blog where we talked about the marriage and US I.D and what it meant to us wasn't us getting in touch with an American core it was a step in us moving away from the denial. They can keep our USA I.D, of course they can they chose protecting the trafficking, the slavery, the rape and the lies over us and all our babies.

It's of no surprise to mum of course but you can not blame her. She heard us when we talked about hope for America and hope for Earth and saw how we were not basing that hope on grooming and in later years she encouraged us in very blunt terms to not give up on them even though she had no time for any of them because she saw how upset we were, knew we had gotten and given a lot of love there and were not done with it. Everyone us always been so fucking obviously relieved whenever we say we have been evaluating and scuttling and sabotaging every we can for the last ten years for our less "Scottish" parts and years since then for everyone else.

It's rapidly approaching June 2017 we did everything that we needed to do and said we were going to do and then some but we are still fucking here with no word from no cunt.  We know we always we said to everyone that if that happened there would be no protocol, no amnesiac open parts and no more warnings. No fucking friendships, no lovers, no comrades, no peers and sure as hell no "superiors". If we are without contacts now and still under horrific slave systems with thirty years of the shit we said was going to historical record then there is nothing to discuss. It's just time for me and the lad leave.

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