Sorry Sir I've no idea what with my DID and all.. something momentous I think..

Perfect amount of edging we are well chuffed with the work we have done. It reached around the buddleia and down to the existing plank . We noticed a second viola has opened. It's a dark pink colour in the yellow trough balcony pot and the smaller purple balcony pot arrived to,  we put it up on the fence and notice how it brings up the beads in the flower brakets. Those pots and troughs are excellent. We also sarting getting rid of what was left over from before. So there will be no faded terracota plastic about. We will hopefully empty and either bin or chuck in the shed the rest tomorrow. We haven't painted the table yet or changed the liner that needs changing.

Drank a ...

We were about about to describe how much we drank yesterday but we stopped writing cause we felt ill. We ate and drank lots of water and juice to but booze wise over the day and evening we had one can of Guiness, one bottle of Matteus and almost all of a bottle of red. With predictable results of vomit on carpet. He was asleep by that point. He was already asleep when we pulled ourself in from admiring our work outside it was such a warm evening. It was lovely just watching wispy clouds as it got darker.

Fucking decimated the weed we had left of course. We were not happy bunnies when we saw how much was left this morning. Stupid nightmares, lost in university town we are always fucking lost in but this time we had Pabs and lost him to and could barely speak to ask for help. They are always horrible in that place in those dreams anyway that what they are about even in the dreams when we hang out with people or know a little of the way around they are never very nice and its not long before we are lost and really alone again. Don't know if we have written much about how they program your dreams to. Through parts and machines sometimes to, so you don't tell yourself who you are when your asleep and so you are stuck in the PTSD and don't access or remember any good feelings. Very much a no will ever believe you type thing to, its hard enough trying to figure our what was physically real or what they made parts imagine but we had access to too much and people shared stuff with us sometimes when they saw how much we were fighting. Some of the machines were physically real and were not just empty boxes, they did what they said they did. Once you have been through it and they tell parts to tell amnesiac parts its has happened again or they will those poor parts usually do.

There was always a lot more empty boxes doing the rounds than real ones of course. One a select few had access or training in them and its not like they were giving them detailed scientific explanations on how they worked. The power in Satanic tech is in as few people knowing how they work as possible. We of course were getting all we could from anything and anyone about how the shit worked but didn't want the rings knowing that so had to stop us from knowing it to sometimes.. For us the worst times opening those boxes was when we didn't find a bunch of wires and chips and stuff that might as well to our eyes have "made in Britain" or China or Russia or America or whatever but stuff that was ancient. We usually just lost it then and smashed it all up. It had nothing to teach us and we hadn't be left to learn that lesson alone. It's a very extreme version of the giving a fair hearing to the far right thing. You can't do that. It's designed for you to do that as a trap so that if you have an open mind about it it will take all your decisions after that away from you.

There was literal messages asking for help in them sometimes. Other times if it was new tech from somewhere we hadn't seen involved before we knew it meant they were being hit and forced to produce them and could maybe go and help them out.

The more ancient it was the more mental we got around it. We would puke just to think about it nevermind be in the same room as it and be prevented from destroying it. It was very plain to see from anyone we knew anything that some of the really ancient horrific shit had never been replicated or understood. It was extremely powerful but there was very few of it, so no one knew if they weren't too conditioned to never question and to worship it that they would be able to put them back together. Many had been lost that way, many were lost to through us and others like us saying we were giving in and do what they wanted and would tell them how to make more but we needed some time and space with it and then broke them because we are human beings and there will be no life for human beings on this planet while those things exist.

You can kinda guess the cultures that protected it the best. Europe? Russia.. anything in the US obviously wasn't made by First Nations. They had some broken parts for us though, we had lots of tears and hugs for them.Couldn't say the Arabs or Africans had nothing but we were often respectfully led to it and were utterly unshaken at what we were shown, what they had left..  By the time we got there the actual shit the actual Knights Templar had wasn't all that impressive, whatever they had had been long ago pillaged. We remember thinking though did we really expect to find the whatever was used to turn the Knights in France.. Hardly. We knew it was going to end up being tech and institutions and traditions in Britain and Russia that would be worst and the hardest to get to.

There was so many smaller versions of various ages in peoples homes, community buildings, fucking schools and hospitals we didn't think we could ever get them all and how would we ever know any way. But something elsewhere seems to believe its done. The worst of the worst though.. The fucking size of the Scandanvian shit and it couldn't just be blown up it was really modern shit that had to be painstakingly dismantled and destroyed carefully.. We were quite grumpy to people at times during all that but once it was done they were lovely to us, really lovely.

Internal sources are saying we were delivered the Russian worst of the worst last summer on the condition that we not only agreed but provided all the necessary cover for Pablo's father to see him. How relieved were we when that there was to much going for us to be able to take part in that. We warned him about Dude's mind then kinda stopped because he knew a bit a about states we are in and a bit about his own and thats was enough cause he looked sickened, nodded and turned.

We turned doing our best to shake it off so we could focus on that Russian thing. There was no need to be taking this thing apart it just needed to be render to dust and ashes and for any teeny tiny nasties to be contained/sooked up. After we called that in some Scottish I think asked what the fuck it was and we said it was the reason we were all slaves he said, "Aye? ..And what are going to do with it?" That pissed us off. It was all kinds of ridiculous extremes arranging all this and it meant no one who was close or good with us was around. Not sure if we had time to answer the cunt before bunch of started US pals were dropped in and we were all ecstatic and babbling. They had almost got a tiny jist of what was going on before the destroyer arrived and we helped load the fucking thing. It's safe to touch but we still find it horrible touching anything that has terrorised and destroyed for very long times. I could see one of them was starting to get it. He has always gotten things really fast. We babble to him in some kind of Hebrew and he can just babble back.
"The Russian and Zionists have been using the same thing. Satanic time share."

Folk coming back on site had no fucking idea what was going on, some where freaking out because of who had just been seen with Pablo. Everyone freaked out when they saw and heard what had just gone down. It's not the kind of thing any expects there brain to be able to process in the short term. All you can do is just be ecstatic so when the call came from England that theirs was gone to, everything according to plan or better and the call was ended we were on the ground unable to breathe. It took a moment to tell the freaked out people I was ok, "England's to." We had located and mapped the place out when we were little but was never able and for a long time never had the support to even consider it. We couldn't do it. We wouldn't be able to get anywhere near it.

Mensch was unmasked and held at a security point with a crowd of jeerers keeping an eye on her so we choose and forced her to be the one to tell Putin that the English tech was gone once we figured out how to call him.. The call inquiring about the return of there machine was funny to we said we would be honoured to share some very harmless dust with them. There was a half suppressed laugh then a dead line.

Yeah so you really can't be trusting them when they say they are the lesser of the evils any more. They are the greater of the evil. All that other shit is gone.

Why did we give a rapist access to a child? Because we see the abuse and drugs and the machines they use on him before they hold me down and set him on me and when we showed him and showed we had to help him with that shit before he killed us he agreed. Not that we were really giving him any options of course. We knew he was going to end up being to only one who could save Pabs. Simply put, the only thing that could protect the boy from all the murderous rings after him was the murderous rings surrounding Putin but we knew that wasn't going to happen by itself. Anyway the fact the dude is alive means when it came to it the macho prick put his life before the ALFs and they are both alive to be in no state to remember much never mind talk about it.

Damn. No weed and no money for more. :( Another beautiful day though..

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