Quads not catastrophe

Telephone consultation was good, although its frustrating and a bit humiliating to feel how much better we feel after a few minutes of decent professional care. He said it sounds like its muscular and we need to strengthen our quads and described some exercises and that reminded us we need to exercise our quads daily or our knees are fucked. Remembered drinking a pint in Glasgow and a bar man reminding us "quads!", so we started sticking our leg out whilst guzzling the Guinness, " other leg" so we rolled our eyes a bit and changed seats so we could to the other. Care like that means so fucking much to us. The eye rolling wasn't just for show, it was to help us keep as much of us back from it as possible because we need it and it would never be allowed to last.

Beer garden will be a good place for it again though, after a walk and the Guinness was wondrous. That pub in Glasgow wasn't always the best for keeping its pipes clean and Guinness pipes need to be check clean, its liquid food. Looked on YouTube to see the kind of exercises the doc was on about and did some earlier on. Fairly made us realise how fucking weak we are. Quite positive about keeping it up as long as our knees are still sore, its when they start to feel better that are likely to not bother or forget.

Looked online for antiinflammatory foods to. One we thought we all ready knew and was in a recent dream, although it did not look like pineapple in the dream possibly something awful, sometimes the victims were made to eat the parts of their own brain that can been cut out to make them behave as required and perform the role and tasks assigned to them without resistance or questioning. Sometimes it at least looked like it had worked but we were always suspicious about a the stuff that they were not doing in front of us. The same words were often used when this happened but we can't remember them and don't think we need to.

Have watched and thoroughly enjoy the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Next season coming soon! Hope so don't like being without series. Got our hidden objects though and a careful commitment to regular exercise. Felt pain free for a little while after our Epsom salts but spliff free bath, then forgot and rested a foot on a knee to put on a clean sock and remembered very fucking quickly.

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