..of course..

Did help last nights post. After we still felt pretty shitty but we did start remembering more than just hell. A male, and not an afore mentioned one either. We have been feeling gay recently what with thinking about Louise and seeing Zoe from Nurse Jackie adapting to the loss of most of the men folks in Godless (oh my) so of course we are going to remember intense physical experiences and serious commitments to a male..

I'm not interested in writing much about him, if it's you your gonna know. It wasn't some fuck with the dissociated slave by making her littles think some excessively attractive person from the telly is gonna come back and rescue her if she just does what she's told. Not like there has been many genuine flings. We starting kissing and didn't stop until an extremely loud alarm floored us both. He looked to for a sign of what might the hell might be about to happen but we knew what it was about and were just rolling our eyes and swearing so he laughed. Some damage limited dude came in saying shit about it not being his choice but we can't be doing that it wasn't safe and he would try and get us some time later but we couldn't risk pregnancy at all, in any way and we understood that.

Think the last time we saw him was when the horrific former person who we believe was a paternal match for junior became no longer a former person but also a former automated rape bot. Not that we are certain about anything of course.

What's also on our mind if the impeachment and it's triggers, calls twenty years ago about how there was so much mind and brain damage that it would take that long for there be any real life in the populace and authorities anywhere. That would mean nothing if we didn't keep fighting and hitting the fascist super powers and operations for twenty years but we weren't given much options there, apart from anything else it was the only opportunity to feel like ourself and occasionally even have some fun.

Can't even remember his name, any of them. Still though do we not have some rain to burn?

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