Very glad to have found a new spooky thing to watch after devouring 'Somewhere Between' and there being no chance in hell of going back to the latest serious of American Horror, not just because we prefer some historical context and distance with our horror especially since it's centered on violent Trump supporter. Maybe it will be more watchable when the Trumpster fire is over but it just seemed so trope packed and totally lacking in any nuance or real creativity, not that we got very far into it. Way too fucking soon, way to fucking heartless, a fucking homage to nihilism and no one needs that, not even nihilists coz they don't fucking care.

Our new thing is 'Ghost Wars', which has what we like in our creepy entertainment, an isolated beautiful physical setting that makes us long to live there, the dead messing with the living, a freaking out cast that's talks to people that aren't there and who is the only one who can handle whats going on, Meat Loaf and I'm pretty sure the long haired Rev is the CSI/Corporate Pile dude who is always very cool are all adding to our enjoyment. Also loving that so far the ghosts don't seem to be murdering or messing with people with any particular prejudice, everyone is being fucked with. Before Netflix failed there was a guy trying to escape on his boat because that is only way out of town finding himself back where he started and a tragedy at a physics accelerator lad. The cynical Major shot a police dude after hallucinating that he was a risen corpse lunging for her.. So yep, good stuff.

Been doing a fair bit of US watching. If there was a British equivalent to MSNBC maybe we would be watching it but there isn't and we have been in Britain so long, gotten out so many times and achieved so much just to be forced back here and have everyone and everything taking from us, even the memories of what we achieved and any sense of better life that we don't even hope anymore. We caught wots his chops talking about Johnson on Last week Tonight on youtube we were hungry for some reality on the current state of British politics and an immigrant from England seemed a pretty good source. Glad we are mentally in a place where we are not freaking out about Brexit, not that we don't think it would effect us we do buy our food from shops and need medications it's when it comes to Britain we are beyond a place where we can even roll our eyes or shake our head. There is no 'at least' or 'that's something' with Britain, just triggers, retraumatising and improvements in living conditions that my sisters, family and friends died to get for us.

The good old 'do every thing that we can when we can then let go' is such a help, it makes it easier when bad most people things happen that we knew we were going to happen happen. We are much upset about the rainforests and the states gutting their environmental protections, the separated families and abused children probably because slavers. Not that we could of done more think we just feel very strongly that if people had been more willing to accept what 'populists' and 'conservatives' do with accepted legal norms and 'respected' institutions things wouldn't be so bad. 'Believe history if you can't believe me.' We fairly broke our heart over it a few times but we are done with that now we just need our emotions to catch up.

Almost finished our PIP application! Just have to additional information essay to finish including as much as we can saying we can't be put through a face to face assessment. Easy peasy except of course it really isn't, far from it.

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