GP's today

She smiled at me a lot, I suspect she's similarly inclined, ready starting to need the counselling again. I know though all the talking with no or few courses of action can make things feel worse. I find myself fantasising one last job, then I could let it all go. No help, public transport, no evidence like I used to, god I hope I can write about it one day and maybe not call it fiction.

I might vote this time, probably lib dem like I did last time the thought that British politics might be moving beyond the two party system is almost exciting, or at least interesting. The curropted twisted civil servants will still be the bloody some though. The 'security' services will still be the same. Someone tried to tell me that state use of ritual abuse had stopped before I was born, she just looked stupid, I asked her to consider her sources, and her sources sources. Like there can ever be truth. Maybe as much of it came from the states as London and Edinburgh, it's hard to believe it. Seems so much easier to believe that the ancient halls of Westminster and it's masons could continue Nazi science than shiny brave new America. Naive, of course. There's that cultural of everyone having shrinks over there, to me the world feels divided between people who understand good psychotherapy and people who don't. Harry said it wasn't a bad idea to wont to go there. Maybe if the compensation is reasonable that is what I'll do. New York, new york, but it's bloody cold apparently the winds blows straight through you, no place for the old. But LA, hell-A it's got Hollywood the underage vicious whore of every culture limiting, individuality crushing, love destroying secret society and organised crime network that ever lived. It's not all bad, good things happen too and sometimes with it costing the world.

Don't think there will be much work on the assignment tonight, walking home I thought about totally change tac but now I'm not so sure. Spliffage hopefully soon, may help..

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