April 15, 2010

Why so sleepy?

If the writing doesn't start in the morning it doesn't start. Today it's all about Kiera, reading Duffy has cracked open those parts of me I gave to you to protect, come home darling. Having any sort of relationship isn't all that possible when I'm disassociating, personality split in a hundred component parts none of them a real person. But I am, I don't have to control them any more, get them to fight the battles I can't. I am waking up to them, they are giving back what they took. The memories they bring with them will not be easy but I hate turning a blind eye, I can't get in touch with or understand positive truths until I understand the context better. It's exciting, feeling parts of my brain open up, shiny a light on the rottenness I had to internalise to survive. It is very good to be alive, to have a present and a future.. I love you..