April 21, 2010

Snow, hail, wind, sunshine, period..

The sky kept falling again yesterday and it was bloody cold. The playgroup didn't happen but the poems, the healing and the commentary are going well. Looks like this may be one of those days when I stay encased in a giant fluffy and slightly stinky red dressing gown, drink too many cups of tea and leave the wee man with the telly. The period pains are strange, I knew they would be. Last time was when I came out to myself, the ache moved and took my mind with it. It was clear, so beautiful and so me I was gay, so sensual. Now I don't feel I should prohibiting any one from loving me on any other than the grounds than me not wanting them to. Gender, its simple once you figure out that it comes from the individual not from society. Two or three sizes do not fit all.

Carol Ann Duffy has helped heaps with the assignment, helped me find the safety net. I can write, talk be part of other peoples lives. I'm not so distasteful that I should never type a word for eyes other than my own and ideas are linking together. The war memorial, the snow in a grey village, the volcano. Not sure I can fly again, trust no one..

Thinking a lot about the work in refuge and if will be any help with the compensation claim. I met some very strong women, excellent public servants who cared deeply about their own and other peoples communities. As well as understanding how complicated and difficult to understand the relationship between the two is come to terms with or predict. Of course there was bitches too, but I'm always more or less prepared for them. The good ones though, women who save the world every day of there lives but removing the barriers between people and healing.

I am an artist..