April 28, 2010

I made my tutor laugh out loud

police and cauld tattie got 88%, not bad I agreed with most of the comments, there wasn't enough of an explanation as to where the expression 'cauld tattie' came from.
Maybe should have waited for feedback before entering competition but there will be more...

The five pages for another comp has been on my mind, I was thinking focusing it own Daffodil rites, and having them as a very short story of my life, starting with War poem and the quote from Scott. Who the hell is she to judge what lives 'could' have been lived. But it's very complicated trying to figure out how it could all work, I don't want it to be two fragmentary I want it to make sense. To challenge the idea that ritual abuse couldn't happen like survivors describe it because no one could survive that.

Looking at the assessment calculator the grade 2 is pretty much in the bag but the first is maybe just out of reach, worth working for though. The next one is the final before the one that isn't just marked by my tutor. I will work more on the commentary I already have a clear idea of the main things I have gotten out of the course. I need to do the final as prose though, which is scary. A nightmare to pin down, but it will be about me developing as a writer, healing, moving on, maybe call it Dukit Storm if I can find a definition for it.

My face hurts..