April 18, 2010


fags = 1234
glasses of wine = 56

Since I came out some of my mail friends have been getting flirty, maybe they are responding to a new found comfortableness with sexiness in me. Or maybe it's just the age old horn men get far lesbianism, otherism.

They hangover is varying of, don't have that same horrible listless, heart break I usually get after family parties. They didn't drive me completely mental, when the talk late on turned to how lucky we've been I wasn't even tempted to disagree remember all that screaming? They don't count the kids lost through crime and rituals. It's there way, not mine.

Don't think I can finish Going Native in the next week, use poems. There as much less work because they feel like more fun to write, less pressure to join up a sentence with the one before. Still no cannabinoid assistance but should me soon maybe even today..