April 26, 2010

I was tortured by my dentists as a child.

I remember being forced to clench my teeth so hard together I blacked out. He killed a nerve in my tooth, gave me unnecessary procedures, made everything as painful as possible. Shrinks have suggested I try for compensation there is or was evidence. I remember telling another dentist about it all and him being really shocked, the hygienist cried.

My parents or especially my mother always got that white blank look on her face when compensation was mentioned. Like it wasn't worth the bother, we were skint always skint. But right now see is down stairs, cleaning and keeping and eye on my toddler while I'm up here typing and taking painkillers. I guess no body is completely imperfect.

Dentist appointment made for tomorrow. Give's me a day to prepare. I think he will probably just take it out. I am normally such a bleeder, think I will be finding some reserves I didn't know I had..