April 14, 2010

Thank fuck my tutor gave me an extension.

I'm not gettin very far with the life writing assignment. It could be lovely, a magical intertwining of a stunning and enlightening physical setting with traumatic memories with melds seamlessly together to a tale of hope in adversity, a celebration of the diversity of life and the miraculous capabilities too heal.

At the moment it's a jumbled mess, my notes are all over the place and I can't focus for any longer than the time it takes to smoke a cigarette. It's been one of those awkward days, head full of pain, anger and bitterness, even the birdsong is irritating.

So glad I found Lynn's page though, to be back in awe at the power of words to make the uncomprehensible comprehensible. Almost anything can be written down in black and white, burning of a pea soup smog into a gently evaporating low lying mist.

I was thinking about the compensation claim last night, as well the mess of my relationships at school (how could she pick her over me, not so far for her to tramp to in the middle of the night I guess). There is people who will support my claim, if they are talked to. I can't see how I could get the maximum at the moment but even if I did it still nothing compared to what I've lost, what it has cost me and will continue to take. Although things are infinity better...


  1. I have reached the end of your blog. A fascinating read. Thank you for posting your struggles and stories over the past few years. I follow you on twitter (info addict) and was keen to read your story. I have never once read thru someone's entire blog but yours had me captivated. Despite a few words here and there that I didnt understand because Im american, it was an amazing story of courage, determination and strength on your part. Cheers for trying to sort it all out and pull away from the iron curtains of your life that weighed you down. I will continue to keep up with your story. :-)

    1. I have a huge amount of respect for anyone who actually sits down and reads all this..