December 03, 2015

Take me to church.

Plenty times there was no morning after pill though. If you are someone they are making effort to take down and we are regardless of how amnesiac or active we are then folk doing rounds aren't going to get near.  When they really have you, you need formal state signatures to get out. So if your in the UK your fucked because the forces that put you there work in the interests and direct orders of the fuckers who put you there. As the blood in Patrick Church testified. 

Safe. Spoonie didn't get that one. Mates dont need signatures and we dont always need signatures or mates to get out. Needed everything back then. It never came. Or came hurt and unprepared. Still waiting but need them much less to protect us from Gabe, Elaine, Shona McMann. Not sure about other Scots though or London & Leeds & Manchester crews though.

So close to saving Louise. Too close. If we had just been stronger on the day.

It was Gabe's. We keep saying it. We never stop. Help. Don't leave us alone. Its the dream team and their abusers. Its the BBC, its Westminster and their journo thugs. They will spin any crap and hire anyone. Rouge elements within British Militarily. Its the rings, they have everything and everyone that gets near me. Even back when we were trying to hide in Skene and other places when we were carrying Gabe and were 8/9 we couldn't just blame the 'Brits' we had worked with too many. Seen too many turn to mist, sewed too many back too together, been heard and held by too many.

They would try and get us to hate public more but we always have a healthy disrespect for the masses. Its not the same as wanting them to be raining down on each other. That wont help. We want them better educated. Better training, less rapes and mind control, ease up on the baby slaughter, stop telling them we are not at war with each other all the fucking time. Not blowing up planes so they rain own each other. Raining humans - not gonna help a community deal with its corrupt public services and organised crimes issues. Is it? As I believe we said at the time. They were very very British people. Working for very British agencies and organisations. Other elements? Always investigate OC first. RIP Lockerbie & travelers.

They mapped our worst nightmares, arranged them to happen over the next decades and they all happened. With us and others saying exactly was and was going to happen but all we got was more abuse and isolation. And everyone else of course but many of then will have enough of their pleasure centres lit up enough regularly enough to not be writing annoying blogs or working though irksome hit lists.

Fuck knows how many police, journalists, industry leaders, politicians, healthcare professionals, social workers, judges etc., had the same surgery and some of they same extensive abuse that the Dream team, Gabe, Nathan, the Girls had.

Nurse was lovely today at GPs. Gave us what we needed. Sympathy. Including arm stroke. And a tetanus shot. Records said we haven't had once since 1984. Isn't that the year I was born? Approx. (1979 Lej) Must of been carnage for us and everyone else with the tetanus shots when we were trying organise care for all the unregistered and the rest in Scotland. It was impossible. 

Lol. Your tune just came on. Losser Baebay.