December 01, 2015

Upper left arm lac

Didn't intend to cut so deep. All the other knives are blunter than we thought. Mostly bruises and temporary scratches.  Not the last time though. Needed stitches. We sang for them but none came. Stuck it together with a plaster and selotape. No one to take us and we weren't gonna bus it. Taxi there and back. £40. We were in and out in minutes. She said it didn't look deep before looking at. Opened up what hadn't healed as she cleaned it said it was too late that it didn't look infected and will leave a bad scar stuck gauze and a dressing and that was that. She called us some kind of affectionate term as we left but we didn't hear. Too busy scurrying out of there in tears.

Always check a cutters temp ppl. There may be others we are not showing. And it makes us think you might give a fuck.

Another cloud for the dragon tattoo. We would rather it wasn't there or wasn't as bad.


Fucking hate it.