October 19, 2017


Quite rotten mood today. I have no friends here and it makes us sad. We have a mostly cool house to live in though and we have a packet of curlywurly squirlies and do recommend them. Partners never happy whenever they have been able to get the whole "I will still be alone and surrounded at this point" brief. Very heart broken. We knew some of them would pull the mission if they knew had badly we were being treated and how horrendous and hopeless conditions were but we had built up relationships with survivors on Terra we didn't want abandon and questions we wanted answers to.

We can't hold back the war because our enemies are still not recognising our rights.. thats the whole reason for the war..I don't know what has reached whom yet but usually we would link our conscious recall to the approx time when certain information reaches certain partners so it's likely those that will act have or are getting what they need to make informed decisions and not be forced into inaction because all sources are Satanic. These people were wonderfuly grounded, they were respectful and honest empiricists they knew religion was to easily used as a tool of oppression and excuse for pillaging but watching us survive Earth and do all the work we have done elsewhere has undermined their whole belief system and that is reason number 23543534 why we fucking hate Satanism. As long as you don't think I can get out of this myself was all we could say to them and that we systems had been designed long ago to confuse peoples and that they had to stay focused on helping us with Earth or we would die and the slavers, theifs and rapists would take over everything again.

Think enough of them got it. We usually have some kind of bruising and of course the more and more arm scars to show people we were fallible that we were being hurt all the time and might not survive and do not have a magic wand to deal with all this hell we had destructive sciences and survival skills and they would not get us very far on our own, they could keep us alive and weak just as is required for a human computer or slave of any kind.

We just burnt our hand on the baked tattie spikes and are hate it and getting all weepy and feeling hopeless again.