..your scientists can't think or see by themselves think I know who has the upper hand here..

It was great to show Mia what happened the first time we were set up by the West, she would of seen it before but it would of been long ago and tonnes of trauma inbetween so would mostly be unable to access it. They made her go through back then because they not get the reaction they wanted from me. We had been prepared and already knew that any hope for the West would not be found in any of its circles of power and that would do anything to destroy us at any age and that was going to be impossible to know the difference between violence that was planned for us anyway and punishment for things we had done. Can't remember what big official institution it was but we do remember thinking the "important types" were themselves and not replacements or stand ins and were relieved because we needed it to come from them, the "real" them. We did our bit. Explained and provided evidence of extremely violent and oppressive practices in and by institutions that were publicly stated as safe like schools, hospitals, police stations. Told of the ancient slavery practices and ongoing genocide and theft, kidnapping against cultures who had not already been destroyed by these practices which of course included talking about anti sematism and how efforts to exterminate all Jews did not originate or end in Germany and was still going and similar efforts with many native populations in many different places. We said that we had recorded British MPs swearing oaths to Satanism, discussing plans to commit horrific violence and massive fraud, murdering and abusing children and adults and being paid for it. We knew this was there cue, their trigger to also give an en masse declaration of Satanism and then they all personally talked graphically about involvement in everything we just described. We were very young and similar scenes have been repeated every few years or so. They piss us off now but they really hurt littler littles or anyone who has faith in these institutions.

We took it too the masonic lawyers and smiled. They can't touch us. We knew they would be encouraging everything and everyone else to off course but getting defense against them was essential early on as well as proof of course that the powers that be in these oh so civilized and developed lands are anti Semitic misogynistic child raping genocidal slavers who swear oaths to a fictional personification of evil and there is therefore no law. To be honest we did think the existence and possession of such tapes would have had much more impact than they have had even though we thought we understood perfectly that they wouldn't, not for a long time anyway.

Useful off hell though, when we could get an us and copies out of course.. Very useful.

Yeah no real hope for vagina bomb Marcon or for fucks sake Merkel has been replaced by so many people so many times no one has a clue what or who it is anymore as people or even being capable of displaying sentience without outside assistance..

I want my brothers back. We remember someone found us heartbroken and when asked us what was wrong we said we had been prevented from telling the Israelis about Sonny. I hope they know now and are not still paying the British for his safety or something else bloody stupid.. Love to Jess to. And to the sister that forced the fascist hospital staff to open the drug cupboard after the nastiness with someone who wasn't Jess and who died as quite a few did in the car park outside Lommond Ward but we still can't believe we are free of.

We've been thinking about David (It was Al they took who we already lost) coming back and we roused from our drugged up stupor to apoligiese for it and the drool patch we have left on our bros uniform shirt but really genuinely didn't seem to mind and was even quite proud to go out and fight with sister drool on him.

Bit awkward when we could no longer keep him hidden and had to face time his superior back home and stutter and hmm for a bit because of everything everyone had been put through to show him David, sedated but otherwise fine sitting next to us on the sofa. We had been worried, we don't have a lot of experience dealing with human humans and were worried he would be angry and not help us get him the fuck out of Fintry. He was laughing crying though we knew when we saw that it was going to be okay, the fuckers weren't getting this one.

After he was home we could relax a little bit and fuck with Graham by "accidentally" letting him know Al was gone gone he started ranting but we could see the mess that was him and could easily find the off switch. That was fun. What a fucking mind he had, or did have before caving to the Satanism as most do when they are on their own. We knew how far he could help us and the points he would turn people's parts tell us if we want to hear it or not if they have any voice or self to be split in the first place of course. We couldn't really be arsed with whatever weirdos turned up with files on him we knew enough from all the other files and all the first hand experience to know their wouldn't be much in them we didn't know or couldn't guess. We knew there was something we needed or he needed us to have or something and we kept feeling it had to with that friggin painting of him in the livingroom. It was too fucking obvious. So we wondered about the opposite and believe we found he had sacrificed himself and not in any meaningless way either but in an extremely meaningful way like he saved a lot of lives and made a very serious contribution to conditions that have made it possible for "me" to last a night in the UK never mind decades..

We wished there was someway to tell him the stuff we couldn't sometimes because most of his head was a masonic sweetie shop but then he would switch and make it not only easy but essential that we walked away.

Sister drool though and how it felt when they walked into the bay.

I love you. And Mia we love Mia too but we are terrified she doesn't exist or did but has been killed.. It's not pleasant living like this..

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