October 08, 2017

Frank N. Stein & Co

Dear Sweetie,

Miss you. Got a headfull of growing up in the tunnels. The voices, the self determination, the friends, the help and anything with any real internal clout had us heading underground long before they officially had us on clearing them out. To be getting in touch with all that is wonderful. We remember how we made a difference down there. We remember the laughter about how we would meet "family" down there from at Russian and Scottish entrances. We remember they were right enough and how over time we did our best to give them some kind of self defence, some kind of self sufficiency back after everything they had hacked, bred and sliced away. Goodness they were not happy when they noticed the slop they chucked down was being left to rot. We couldnt help noticing that at the Russian and Scotland ends they were speaking different languages but were saying the same thing. The exact same thing.

We were dumped in "ours" in the eighties. Railroad was real. Resistance was real but the Satanism was always worse so most of a Scotland to China route was already done. One little stick of explosive was all it took and there was Chinese shouting at each other as well as all the dust all around us.

Everything was levels though and the work it has taken for people to find ground to meet and recognise themselves before they can remember others has been never ending.

Being able to put it all to together, the pretty much definite, the highly likely and the we need to find this out but it cant be done with in culture of slavery and masonic antiscience it was so wonderful. Eating lukewarm actual Chinese food in Fintry when Inshallah finished hers and we could finally get past all the slavers and let people know what was down. The red and the gold everywhere..

The searches for "Supers", the things that were done down their and how long they had gone on for.. making out first power armor from scrap and tech blagged from Satanic FBI. We had been given the history prenatal. The pure dead head Satanists were running systems that were mostly ancient but we spotted some modern technological imput over the way the start was being fast forwarded and attempts made at editing it. The joins were obvious though. These were experiences of real people that they had and they could just stick in some lines from another source and it not spoil the integrity of the whole memory set. If you had the biological facilities to notice of course. We had already been told it would come from America and even with just an amnesiac glance it was never going to be a surprise. It worships capitalism. It bows to laise faire interpretations of "liberalism" over even a most basic humanitarianism.

Their rely on programming and genocide to get what they want so their intentions are always known by the slaves. They tell us their ridiculous broken mind fantasies and we are to make them real..

To stand in front of as many as we could reach, as many could stomach it and Steven Hawking and finally be able to share what we believe to be the earliest evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse in Scotland and allow them to run their own forensics on them meant we could survive the years since then and now. Like the footage from both ends of the Hollywood to Scotland tunnel from 1920s onwards showing how they tied girls to the front of train and how they were being told it would one day be me because they are Satanists and there was nothing they could do because all the police and authorities were to.. To show a much wider picture of the history of how much persecution and genocide was being directed from Scotland and spread over Europe and elsewhere..

We couldn't fill it in. There was too much history there but it was hardly cleanable either, well not to me anyways others starting seeing what we were seeing in it, a future not just a Satanic past and present, the work and misery that had gone it to them. The deaths. So we started to let people we knew were not going to deliberately hurt into them, it was getting cramped and the space was needed and the young family was so glad to begin with but we were all having issues with nightmares. We were putting it off and we continued to do so for as long as we could and the first nations were as tolerant with us for as long as they could be. We reminded ourself of that as we stood outside a door knowing they were on the other side we could not be able to pretend this thing was a 18th, 19th or 20th Century creation.

They were fabulous of course and broke our fall and got us back on our feat with their usual cryptic clues about where else to look for help. It was horrible having to keep everything back from everyone all the time.

Don't have to now though. Can just let it all flow. The scale of breeding of pubescent girls and it's uses. The scale of hunting and the maiming the labotimies and brain cutting and injecting of infants but also the love, the life and the hope we found down there and brought down there.

Love you Sweetie. We are not so scared of the evolution stuff anymore. We just need out of quarantine..