November 11th 2022

 It's pitch black at tea time that's Winter enough.

We made a vague start on a runway once. Think I remember a call.

     Looks like a runway your building there you know that's not allowed.

     Yeah sorry I almost forgot was thinking about a big garden of some sorts maybe one day. Maybe more buildings for all our defenses they would all need some kind of road access if We were ever going to build. Not planning on doing much with it now. Just thought it best We keep busy.

 Scottish Secondary School years. 1992/3/4

We don't think the wolves will need to Winter in the Wolf shed this Winter. Not for a while anyway and probably not for long if they do. It's them that are asking about it most. Where's the signs of homecoming? 

We are finding the moody classical more to our taste anyway. Have a decent amount of gothic in telly and books too. I doubt she will see us to advent but she's here now and We can see our breath and see the tree lines even though the room is warm and it's mild outside despite the wind whistling and moaning, rapping at letter boxes for days while I take the delivered gifts for even weeks time and raw meat, bread; some of it seasoned, salad and booze up the stairs. When we light and replace the tea lights. While we mop the bathroom floor and think about doing those home improvements we put off for four years and remember to take the essential meds out of the low temp grill before we turn the oven up for pizza after  removing the excess ham and placing halved suger belle tomatoes on the frozen salami and leaving the mushrooms on.

They all always hated how little sky We get.

It's not forever.

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