Romanov Forever

 There she was the poor horrific horrid thing the was a neighbour in Fife, bed on the other side of the wall to our own. Pregnant telling Us they were going to convince me her poor fetus was mine. They were about the same stage. I wasn't convinced much of that but they would definitely convince the kid and the heartbreak of them bringing him back again and again after having free reign to do whatever they liked to him the rest of the time was going to be effective. It was going to almost kill us. Special child, Romanov, different fucking species. Brain like mine growing next to a brain like hers. To be fed and clothed in an environment where child rape and torture is not just tolerated it's compulsory.

He did so well for so long. We always do.

Got some Guinness and beef Space Raiders. Might not be able to get Space Raiders soon. What's happening with the Norwegian Satanists? States backing down yet? How's Russia? 

Mental health wise, how is the kid I was carrying, probably? Can he drive? If I order xmas tshirts how many do I order and in what sizes?  

Think it's time to let go of the tangles oversized knot of lights that have been around since Fife. There is no way they are not going to be triggering AF. There is some in the basket. Already ordered? Well there was a resin santa, sleigh reindeer, lights up thing that was reduced and might not be there if we wait. Stocking filler fidget toys, candles, yu-gi-oh, Splatoon 3, made  start on books, more in the list. L.A. Noire for myself cause it looks like something I might like maybe and We really need something to do sometimes. Jammies in the basket. Got Tesco tomorrow and week before UC so they and the tinsel and beads and whatever else is in there can wait.

They ran Us through this so many times. We thought they were trying to get me to say what we would do or tell them what was already decided. But really they were just trying to fuck up 2022 from any other year. So they could get a few more months. A few more whatever in the bank, every little bit more damage.

It. Is. Different. Now.

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