a million to one

Its not like the messages were particularly complex or difficult to achieve. Its not like anything could be lost in translation. I have to be allowed to move to somewhere where we are not sounded by thousands of victims of prenatal torture, programming and drugs that interfere or prevent normal brain development. Its not like we or the lad have an issue with the middle of nowhere, proper rural sounds lovely, truly lovely. There would be practical difficulties if we are still without a driver and would have to organise the grocery deliveries better but that like everything else would be a lot easier when we are not attempting to live and recover next to so many victims of prenatal mental and emotional annihilation.

On and on things go though with all the money stolen and placed in the hands of victims who are physically incapable of making decisions and who will never be able to get beyond their truth phobias even if they wanted to and had the best of help. Some things can't be fixed and a brain that never got to develop can't rewire itself in any meaningful way.

Or the usual reasons meant we had to keep out of all the "or" plans that went direct to the relevant authorites but we know they are real because it comes from sources that are as real as us. When we have lost all sense of everything and everyone as real or safe for us to be around we still know us and them and even if we are only non annihilated brain on Earth we are still not outnumbered not by a very very long way and they of course do not have truth phobias, they do not torture their fetuses and they do not reject science, history or force binary clamps on all their populations, they run various forms of dynamic meritocracies. Their minds and technologies are considerably superior to anything here and they no longer have to maintain the distances they used to because of tech left over from wars that happened an extremely long time ago. Of course.

Like we keep saying and proving though. There isn't much in the way of non annihilated authorites but there is people still alive down here and my friends have no sympathy for those who tolerate and allow slavery in all its forms but my enslavement in particular to continue without resistance, espically when the relevent facts have been demonstrated to them and the options explained.

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