"yeah but Niall isn't he just shouting shit you and Lesly told him to shout?"

We are doing okayish, considering we have a head full of Elon Musk, Shona MacGregor, Marshal College, the pure evil of the ancient to current day Aberdeen slave rings and of course, Sonny. ..

Shone was in one of our dreams asking why we wouldn't touch her and that is quite of often a sign that they have died or are dying. She lived like she was trying to die since she was a kid so we are hoping its the former. Stolen egg, stolen sperm, an addict that cares nothing for their own or anyone else's flesh, a victimized beyond help population, a planet that cant wont care and ta da a male child with genes that haven't walked and talked on Earth for a good while now because they were all murdered. In Scotland, a country without genuine child services just lots and lots of slavers, Satanists, Fascists and misogynistic antisemits home grown and artificially constructed. Fuck you USA. Fuck you Italy. You all had choices and picked the worst and the sickest. Every fucking time. There is no going back, no chance or opportunity for talking and no chance of me working myself to death and abandoning my sons to whats left of your anti human apparatus.

Washing has been done and dried, is drying in the sunshine. We put in our repeat prescription for more of most things although we have not been taking our inhalers as we should and the diazepam isn't really enough to give us even one day off every two months. Its diazepam literally given to trafficked kids like the registered are fed sweeties or avacado on toast depending on the caste.

Eating is a nightmare of course. We've had biscuits and crisps and the wine left from yesterday will hopefully help us munch out later. Sat on the bench in our beautiful garden for a little while and got landed on my butterflies and that was lovely. Came in to order some replacement glue gel because we lost the last one, just in case something other than cannabis happens that cheers and motivates us.

Lots of peoples all over have been studying the Marshall College cache for years and not so that they can start it up again on an industrialsed world wide, universal scale but so they can understand what has happened to their countries and cultures and why Britain, Europe, and the US can not help itself to stop its endless and constant crimes against humanity and nature. So they can understand truly, fully and without looking away what "Western hegemony" is and how it came to be and so they can come up with plans for what to do next.

Your our only emotional support blog, the only place we can go to try work out the endless layers of real and manipulated horror memories. Its seriously unacceptable. Give me back my Sonny.

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