I'm in the mood for love..

Sounds like Fred and Rosemary have left to go wherever they go when it isn't June or July so we can enjoy the garden without the constant stream of hate again. The younger couple are still there but they don't say or try and start anything without the senior Wests there. Wonder who it was the actual Wests pissed off to get media exposure and jailed.. Shame the deal up here is for life and none of the neighbours victims living or dead will ever get any kind of closure or justice or peace. The voices of the seniors may be gone but we still have lots of memories to keep us disgusted and cold, like early this summer when we were writing in our notebook and they went on and on saying we were writing about them, or when we put our clothes on the airer and the old guy went on and on saying what was so good about my clothes I couldn't put them on the line and of course the years and decades of much much worse against me, Laura, Margo, the kids and many many more.

But its okay Scotland takes antisemitism and misogyny very seriously! It works very hard to make people who are not recognised or registered as people and no person means no compliant, no complaint means nothing happened!

Pissed off the dude in the Chineser by going in twice in one week! Don't worry Mr I've never had any bother with racism in Fife I haven't forgot you hate me because you prefer your trafficked victims on their knees. You own a business in Fife and moved here from elsewhere decades ago its not possible for me to forgot that I am not wanted or that you are a fascist I just go through phases of caring less. Thank you for never poisoning or giving us raw chicken like Tony's did. It must be a great effort for you to not order someone else to make me and the bairn ill.

To think we didn't want to write about the day to day hate because we thought it might be taken seriously, that there was some kind of adult in the UK that wanted to their job and do something about the murderous institutionalised antisemitism and the systemic child abuse. There isn't any adults not in positions of power anywhere across the whole shitey science hating planet.

Fairy garden is coming along,

We got more bits and pieces coming to. Wish we had someone to share it and play with us though junior is not interested in the slightest. Few years ago he would of loved it! 

Finding it increasingly difficult to believe you are real Peter. Let's just blow this joint.. Your friggin dead arnt you you useless prick? Fine will remember how to blow this big pretty hell all by myself then.

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