"We get paid. We don't work. That's what your for."

It got around the networks during our Dundee years that President Fart was just going to be an embarrassment. Slave after slave had told them that but they don't take orders or information from slaves unless its asked for and they can been convinced by the Europeans that the slaves could and would make the presidency functioning. As we had never been paid or treated with even tiny bit of respect by the majority of American political class or agents we were not keen on helping them out of shit that we and many others had warned them about and could of easily been avoided. Its an ancient system to many, support something horrific and unworkable to force the slaves to work against it so we dont have time to help oursleves and so the dumb fuck populations accept major shittiness becaise its slightly less oppressive and violent than what was happening before.

 They work the Brits though and a gap was found in Pablo's security and promised to kill or worse him if we didn't do the work. We knew that if we had the support we needed to protect him we wouldn't be in the position we were in so they forced us into it. When we pushed the script of the lawyer fessing in front of one of them he did this disgusting fake crying and hugging us in gratitude thing. It was fucking chilling and crazy triggering.

We could of been working for ourself then or for children that don't have salaries, bank accounts, contacts or any kind of safety ever. Instead we had help out slaver Americans with their own law, give programming scripts that weren't necessary and do nothing about me and Pabs disenfranchisement and isolation in a incredibly Fascist area of a unflinchingly Fascist country in a deeply Fascist continent. There was lots of Thank yous. We said to save it for when they saved us from the place that made him and they just bullshitted us saying sure, making grand promises of access to healthcare, education, food, weed, friends, safety and maybe even some limited freedom of movement and control over our own reproduction. If any of it was meant we wouldn't be in the position we were or are in. It wasnt complicated, high IQ work they just needed to stop is from saving ourself. Fuck you USA and your slave economy, politics and entertainment "culture". Seriously fuck you and your refusal to see your own diversity as a great strength and huge potential. Misogyny, slavery and hate of the left are your artificial, transparent and self destructive but sacred pillars and we hope we are far away as possible from you when they crumble.

We did everything we could, gave you full fat info and you chose and continue choose to  behave like your Fifers who are incapable of knowing or caring about anything. Fuck you USA.

We haven't broken our media black out. Pabs caught Newsround at school and was very happy to give us the news. We didn't mind faking some happiness and relief for him.

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