June 23, 2010

:) xx

Its taken 301 txt messages, a box of stawberries I never ate and bubble bath I might never see again but I have gotten what I want out of her, plans to go to a restaurant sometime in the nxt few weeks, provisional plans to see live music and of course the :) xx - thats not high maintenance at all!! My mate sent a message about a Kawasaki that was high maintenance but an excellent ride, it amused me..

I must of seemed pretty cold, changing way faster than any Scottish weather, I tried to keep it cool and mild but she's got the user self centred thing going on sometimes. Not planning our date properly, the loud way she speaks sometimes, its not something that gets me hot and bothered. Just bitter and miserable. Got my own self sabotage to deal with to, like buying all that crap when I'd only met her once. Not being more honest when she told me.

Flirting like fuck on pinksofa though, its summer, Im behaving like a young happy person, except for the poems about ritualised incest and infanticide and the cannabis habit of course..