June 12, 2010


Maybe even better.

She drove over, her daughter crashed out in the back. We were playing Mario Galaxy 2, I got sick of being nervous and knew that Mario games that arn't platforms can distract from almost evening problem that isn't leathal and a couple that are. We went to the park then for a walk, the kids were great. She really was quite cute but very nervous and talked too much and tried to sound hard. I pouted and rolled my eyes.. perfection is over rated anyway, but it was lovely..


Watched all of 3 seconds of the football, my parents have it on down stairs. Stoneroses in the bath much, much
much better.
She's really cute though,

she phoned last night, slight wasted and I couldn't make out a word but kept flirting in that sarcastic way I do when I mean it. It's definitely ok. Craig Charles doing his funk and sole football themed thing. I will not be amused if the cut 6 music, not one little bit, it can be shit in the evenings, and weekend mornings sometimes but it keeps me sane.

To print, hard copy. To the OU, to parents wine budgets and girlfriends! One step beyond virtual. I should of hugged her, I was terrified she would try and kiss me, which was probably unlikely considering she had just put her wee girl in her seat when my dad came strolling down the road from his usual Saturday afternoon in the pub..Grinning like a lunatic.

bless her.
Later on he said he thought it was a bloke who was coming over, I said a friend was coming over he said something about it being a 6 foot black women blah blah, I shouted back that she was white, but forgot to add she was as short as me. He heard 'He'. He was fine though, she did a butch thing and mentioned single malt whiskey, it was well cute.


I told her I would show her my crystals...