June 26, 2010

'other' is not enough..

She finds it difficult to accept I'm bi, its understandable so do I. Bisexuals are the gays of the gays. She denied it's existence, looked me in the eye and told me I wasn't what I said I was. 'your a lesbian', and she's right anyway inregards to women of Eastern origins. When it comes to Joe Cole, Torres, and few other tight curvy footballing specimens, I'm a quite hetro..

It hurts though when you say your something and hear it denied like that, she's a bit of a home girl. No definite plans to get the fuck out, constant minor family dramas going on.

I applied for a job the other day, full time and permanent, not that I made much effort on the application. Thinking more about going back to GP with that life and opportunity defining word 'diagnoses'.

Wee man away camping. I'm not, two scary sisters, 1 mildly neurotic mother, 2 mini divas, a teething baby, a whinny ignorant brother in law, lots of drink and junk food, two dogs, two tents.

At least there are getting good weather. There wouldn't have been room for me anyway.


I think sometimes, why can't I just write down the stories, the images in my head but 95% are forbidden. Like they are none of my business, they are other people's concerns. Its early days, most of the best writers are not in their early thirties and I know I've a lot more studies to do, to flesh out the skeletons and embellish the fallacies until they are clear as day. I've never had any intention of living fast and dying young, and not just because I'm a mom. Life is a gift, the chances of me personally, wandering around and wondering about this earth is as close as you can get to being 0 without being 0. Our spiritual lives are way bigger a taboo than sex dodgy or otherwise.

Watching La Roux at Glasto,

Im quite jealous of some of their lyrics, tigerlilly, bulletproof. I dont know if they played my fav armour love, I went to bed. Fascination is rubbish though.

She's highly attractive too...