June 06, 2010


I think I might have over worked the piece for magma, she only raised a couple of points and I reworked the whole thing. If she liked it before, chances are most of it is more of the same. Put in my own scars, which has to be good, messed about with line then messed about putting it back, ahh the joys.

No money for any of it though, and pretty difficult to job hunt when I could be exploring the extreme images of my youth and reading 20th century greats. Thinking quite seriously about starting philosophy in February. If I'm well aquittal with the txts and have a good idea of the theory, that I usually get excited enough about to pass easy enough. ohh theoretical gender, post colonial studies ohh. I really want some philosophy, and think another summer school wouldn't do any harm. If they are prepared to pay for it and I am keen then go for it, while the iron is hot. I need lots and lots of experiences in my head that arn't done it the shadow of an upside down cross.

I really seem to fancy virtual girl, her photos look amazing and she's not that far away and says all the right stuff. Im trying not to act like a complete idiot just made a date then cancelled it but she is still speaking to me, although not as enthusiastic as before. Bloody stupid shiny pink expensive phone that doesn't work. I wrote a wee poem for her, my romanticism is endearing, maybe even remarkable considering the circumstances it does not make me a soppy useless fop..